TRACHTE® preassembled buildings and integrated packages are used by Transportation Authorities, Bridge, Tunnel and Tollway Agencies, State, Local & Municipal Government Concerns as well as EPC Firms, Contractors, OEM Equipment Manufacturers, Packagers & Integrators. Most Trachte Transportation Equipment buildings have the electrical & mechanical equipment pre-installed and tested prior to shipping for outstanding project management benefits, schedule efficiency, and quality control.


  • Traction Power
  • Power Distribution Center (PDC)
  • Tunnel Ventilation Controls & Equipment
  • Bridge Power/Lighting/Controls
  • Integrated Packages
  • Emergency Communications/Radio Networks
  • Microwave/Fiber Equipment Shelters
  • Critical UPS & Battery System Housing
  • Generator Housing

Benefits of TRACHTE® pre-assembled, expandable buildings include: lower engineering and procurement costs, standardized or custom specifications and designs, factory manufacturing & assembly with state-of-the-art precision and quality control, accelerated project schedules, factory and witness testing, accurate delivery & completion dates, and minimal on-site time, reducing security oversight requirements and lowering the chance of accidents, and safety issues.

Typical Building Features

  • Robust, Fully-Framed Construction
  • Structural Floor System
  • Floor And Wall Openings For Cables
  • Cable Tray & Fiber-Trough
  • Expandable Building
  • Kynar 500 PVDF Coating on Roofing & Siding

Typical Electrical Features

  • Indoor, Outdoor & Emergency Lights
  • Receptacles & Switches
  • AC & DC Panels
  • Transfer Switches (Automatic & Manual)
  • HVAC Units or Heat Pumps
  • Grounding System

Building Features Available

  • Equipment Door Options - Double Doors/Transoms, Etc.
  • Rear-Access Switchgear Doors
  • Fire-Resistant Construction
  • UL-Rated Ballistics/Bullet Protection
  • Partition Walls/Rooms
  • No-Floor Construction for Drop-Over Applications
  • Access/Computer Flooring & Foundation Options

Electrical Features Available

  • DC Systems, Batteries/Charger, Etc.
  • Disconnects/Safety Switches
  • Switchgear/MCC/VFD Integration
  • Mechanical Equipment Integration
  • Smoke Detection/Fire Panels/Suppression Systems
  • Dry Transformer
  • Back-Up Power Generator