Government & Military

TRACHTE® preassembled and panelized buildings have unlimited applications for Government and Military applications. Trachte provides pre-manufactured, expandable buildings with Structural Steel Floors or NO-Floor Construction to the Military and Federal Agencies, State, Local, and Municipal Entities as well as EPC firms, Contractors, OEM Equipment Manufacturers & Integrators. TRACHTE® preassembled buildings usually have some level of the "house electrical" & mechanical equipment pre-installed and tested, prior to shipping for incredible project management efficiency, on-time deliveries, and exceptional quality control. Trachte T-RAMS® panelized buildings are designed and engineered to be shipped in standard shipping containers and quickly installed anywhere in the world to house critical equipment and systems.


  • Communication Centers
  • Emergency Radio Networks
  • F.A.A. Airport Equipment & Nav-Aids Shelters
  • Critical UPS, Battery System Housing
  • Generator Housing
  • SCADA, HMI, RTU Shelter
  • Modular Medical Facilities
  • PDC & Switchgear Enclosures
  • Integrated Packages
  • Inverters & Energy Storage Batteries
  • Office, O & M, Spares/Storage

Benefits of TRACHTE® pre-assembled, expandable, Buildings for Government and Military applications include: lower engineering and procurement costs, standardized or custom specifications and designs, factory manufacturing, assembly and quality control, accelerated project schedules with accurate delivery & completion dates, and minimal time on-site. Trachte T-RAMS® panelized buildings provide exceptional protection, and can be rapidly assembled in the field with minimal lifting equipment, unskilled labor and very basic tools and equipment and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Typical Building Features

  • Structural Steel Floor or No-Floor Construction
  • Expandable End-Wall
  • Thermal Break Between Siding/Roofing and Framework
  • Kynar-500 PVDF on Coating Roofing & Siding
  • 30 & 40 Finish Warranty On Siding and Roofing
  • TELCO Board

Typical Electrical Features

  • Indoor, Outdoor & Emergency Lights
  • Receptacles & Switches
  • AC & DC Service Panels
  • HVAC Unit/s or Heat Pump/s
  • Vent/Exhaust Fan, Air Intake & Dampers
  • Wireway, Fiber-Trough
  • Ground Pads/Bars, Grounding Systems

Building Features Available

  • Partition Walls/Rooms
  • Raised Computer/Access Floor
  • Door Options/Transoms/Vestibules & Canopies
  • Fire-Resistant Construction
  • Ballistics/Bullet Protection
  • EMP Protection
  • Foundation/Platform/Skid Mounting Options

Electrical Features Available

  • Transfer Switches (Manual or Automatic)
  • Disconnects/Safety Switches
  • Termination Cabinet/Marshalling Box
  • Smoke/Fire Detection/Control Panel
  • DC System - Battery, Charger & Related
  • Switchgear Integration
  • Inverter Integration