TRACHTE® Buildings are Expandable at the End Walls. This hugely valuable features allows Designers, Engineers, and Owners to plan for convenient, fast, and economical future expansion if/when the need arises. Trachte’s built-in expandability can save Owners a tremendous amount of money, both in the initial cost for a smaller building, and also in the continuous operating costs incurred heating, cooling, and ventilating an unnecessarily large building for the entire time the building is in service. There is now no need to oversize a building because of uncertain future requirements.

Features/Benefits of TRACHTE® Building Expandability Feature:

  • Buildings can be extended at either end wall.
  • Previous End Wall can be removed for an open concept single room.
  • End walls can remain for a partition between two rooms.
  • Previous Exterior End Wall can be re-finished with liner panel on both sides.
  • Fire-Resistant Construction can be added to the Previous Exterior End Wall. (i.e.: For Battery Separation.)
  • A door can be added to a previous End Wall left as a partition wall
  • TRACHTE® Building Additions are available for buildings with or without steel floor systems.
  • Expandability Saves Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Costs for entire time prior to expansion.
  • Cable tray, wireway, and wiring can be preconfigured for easy electrical service connection to the existing building/section for fast and convenient building expansion.