Building Construction

TRACHTE® buildings have a complete, internal, stand-alone structural-steel framework which provides tremendous strength and design flexibility. Trachte’s heavy-duty, overlapping architectural siding and roofing provide complete weather and environmental protection using the steel building industry’s most up-to-date construction materials and techniques.

Trachte’s ribbed, Galvalume steel panels feature a baked-on Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based super-coating with standard 30 and 40-year finish warranties and meet the most stringent Architectural Steel Coating specifications. Trachte’s superior design, engineering, materials, construction and quality combined with the lowest operating costs over time, provide the greatest value and make it the ideal choice for utilities, owners, and engineers who need maximum design flexibility, durability, and security for their vital electronics, power, control, protection, communications, & other technical equipment and mechanical systems.

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Typical Construction Features of TRACHTE® Buildings:

  • Capable of supplying various roof options
  • Stand-Alone Structural Steel Framework. (No self-framing or interlocking-panels)
  • Overlapping, multi-rib, Galvalume steel exterior wall and roof panels
  • Baked-on Kynar 500 PVDF architectural coating on exterior wall and roof panels
  • 30- and 40-year exterior finish warranties
  • Galvanized interior wall framework
  • Superior insulation system
  • Thermal-break between exterior sheeting & frame
  • No direct thermal conduction of outside temperature into building (unlike “self-framing” and “interlocking-panel” enclosures)
  • Buildings are Repairable from the outside, with no disruption or removal of interior, wall-mounted equipment
  • Buildings are Expandable in length dimension. (Both End Walls.)
  • Buildings are available with interior walls and partition rooms
  • Optional Fire-Rated and Fire Resistant Construction Available
  • Optional UL Ballistics-Rated Bullet Resistant Construction Available