Ballistics Protection

TRACHTE® buildings are available with Ballistics Protection up to UL 752 Level-8 for Exterior Walls. Where required, Trachte can provide Ballistics Protected Doors & Hardware and Ballistics Protection for Building Penetrations and Openings for HVAC, Cable Entrances, Exhaust Fans, Air Intake Hoods, etc. Trachte applies UL-Rated Bullet-Resistant Materials to Trachte’s robust, internal, stand-alone structural-steel framework and provides UL-Rated Ballistics Protection while still maintaining Trachte’s legendary resistance to weather intrusion and leaks and tremendous energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Trachte can also help you with Hurricane and Tornado Hardening, Fire-Resistant Construction, and EMP Resistance. Please contact Trachte Sales with your specific requirements or questions.