Preassembled Buildings with Floors

TRACHTE® preassembled buildings with insulated, structural steel floor systems are designed and engineered for placement on concrete piers, grade-beams, frost-walls, pads, other foundations and steel platforms, mezzanines and structures. TRACHTE® buildings with steel floors replace site-built construction and provide the engineering and project management advantages and quality of factory-built TRACHTE® structures. TRACHTE® buildings with steel floors are designed to receive floor-mounted equipment which can be pre-installed prior to shipping to the site. TRACHTE® steel floors can be designed for concentrated battery and equipment loads. TRACHTE® buildings with steel floor assemblies are lifted from base-frame mounted pick-points.

Standard Features

  • Complete Internal Framework
  • Standing-Seam, Galvalume Steel Roof
  • Overlapping Galvalume Steel Wall Panels
  • Baked-On Kynar-500 PVDF Resin Exterior Coating
  • 30 and 40 Year Exterior Finish Warranties
  • 4” Deep Galvanized Wall Framework
  • Superior Insulation System
  • Thermal Break Between Exterior and Frame
  • Buildings Are Expandable In Length
  • Buildings Are Repairable From Exterior
  • Structural Floor System Is Well Insulated
  • Floor Deck has Slip-Resistant Epoxy Coating
  • Designed For Floor-Mounted Equipment
  • Base Frame-Mounted Pick/Lifting Points
  • Floor System Has Rodent/Moisture Barrier

Building Features Available

  • Door Options - Double Doors, Transoms, Hardware, Etc.
  • Partition Walls/Rooms
  • Floor And Wall Openings For Cables
  • Cable Riser/Cable Tray/Fiber-Trough
  • Rear-Access Switchgear Doors
  • Fire-Resistant Construction
  • UL-Rated Ballistics/Bullet Protection
  • Foundation Options
  • Exterior/Appearance Options

Electrical Features Available

  • Indoor, Outdoor & Emergency Lights
  • Receptacles & Switches
  • AC & DC Panels
  • Transfer Switches (Automatic & Manual)
  • HVAC Units or Heat Pumps
  • Ventilation Fan, Air Intake & Dampers
  • Disconnects/Safety Switches
  • Smoke/Fire Detection/Panels/Fire Suppression Systems
  • Grounding System