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Trachte Prefabricated Buildings
Pre-assembled steel buildings:
Design flexible, transportable

Trachte Rapid Assembly Modular Shelters
Modularized steel buildings

Data Capacity for Today and Tomorrow:
Shifting Modular Mindset and Method

Trachte teams up on large-scale data center installation

Every smartphone needs a substantial amount of remote or “cloud” storage for speedy search and downloads. The thousands of “apps” we use today also rely on storage. Beyond telecom, banks, insurance firms, credit card companies and other Internet-dependent businesses must have readily available processing and storage capacity to support ever-increasing service demands.

Since cloud computing most assuredly takes place right here on earth, this capacity must continue to grow at exponential speed. At the heart of keeping up with this demand is rapid deployment of enormous data centers. And the need to build these facilities in a whole new way created a unique opportunity for Trachte. Read more.

The Advantages of Consistency: Trachte Helps Decrease Substation Challenges for Regional Power Cooperative

When asked if there had been any challenges with using Trachte control buildings for their substations over the years and how they were overcome, Mark Dahl simply states, “Fortunately, there haven't been any major challenges." Read more to find out why.

Something New in the Air: This Construction Company Opts for Rooftop Equipment Room

Plant-site equipment buildings are normally situated firmly on a concrete pad on the ground. Sometimes that isn’t an option. When a paper mill in South Carolina needed to upgrade the pollution control system on the coal-fired boiler used to run a steam generator, the job required a penthouse-level control equipment room. Read more.

Company Uses More Than 200 Trachte Buildings
to Lighten its Workload

For more than a century, this energy company and its predecessors have serviced customers in the Midwest. The firm now provides electricity to one million customers and natural gas to 400,000. It employs 5000 staff to generate 31 million megawatt hours of electricity, and manage 8500 miles of natural gas mains.

To ensure reliable service to its customers, the company uses around 200 Trachte buildings to house its distribution, telecommunications, natural gas and power generation equipment. Read more.

Keeping Operations Going in the Winter: How This Utility Company Harnesses Trachte Preassembled Buildings to Keep Out the Elements

Winter in the upper Midwest can be brutal, especially when arctic blizzards blow in from Canada sending temperatures well below zero. Of course, conditions are not as bad as they were for the early pioneers. People now rely on natural gas to keep their houses warm. But that only works as long as the buildings that house natural gas transmission and distribution equipment stay out the elements. Read more.


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Airport equipment
and nav-aids shelter
Cellular/ microwave site
Critical UPS and
instrumentation facility
Electrical control house
Emergency and
proprietary radio shelter
Equipment penthouse
Fiber optic hub shelter
Gas and oil application
Generator enclosure
Ground water remediation
Instrument shelter
Maintenance and
Mechanical room
(core module)
Medical equipment rooms
Metering and
instrumentation facility
Oil and gas applications
Power distribution
and drop-in module
Pump enclosure
Remote monitoring station
Skid mounted portable labs
Substation control room
Switchgear and
motor control shelter
Transportable repair
and maintenance shelter
Wind farm applications
WWTP (FRP option)

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