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Trachte Prefabricated Buildings
Pre-assembled steel buildings:
Design flexible, transportable

Trachte Rapid Assembly Modular Shelters
Modularized steel buildings

Advantages of Trachte buildings:
Eliminate in-house time and frustration
with Trachte prefabricated buildings

Trachte buildings are pre-assembled, making them equipment-ready immediately after delivery and placement. Pre-assembly greatly streamlines the acquisition of small, complex buildings. The end result is shorter project timelines and lower costs.

Prefabricated buildings directly translate into time and cost savings. How? If a company elects to build its own structures, it generally has to design them internally then go out to various contractors for bids. Every step of the way, the project manager has to oversee and approve the work of the contractor. With a pre-assembled unit from Trachte, all design and engineering work is performed by us based on your specifications. The finished product arrives on site exactly built to your requirements. All the project manager has to do is verify the design, and approve the final construction/installation. And due to construction repeatability, the project manager can be confident that similar orders placed for multiple sites will conform to the same specs. As a result, a project manager can oversee the construction of dozens of building per year instead of a handful. 

Trachte steel-framed buildings are ideal for ground or rooftop applications. They are design flexible and available in sizes from up to 32 feet wide. In addition, a wide range of appearance options are available for faster zoning acceptance. As these buildings are readily expandable, they easily accommodate future needs.

Other benefits include:

  • Identical prefabricated buildings and accessories, regardless of location
  • Lightweight and readily expandable units
  • Floor or no-floor options
  • Superior quality control
  • Exact pricing and delivery dates
  • Ground or rooftop applications
  • Design flexible
  • Options for faster zoning acceptance
  • Experienced design support, and complete building plans available on AutoCAD
  • Trachte Quality Assurance (TQA) ensures the highest quality product

PE stamping for state approvals

Some states have industrialized units approval and/or inspection programs for preassembled buildings.  The requirements for these programs vary, but generally include one or more of the following:

  • A complete set of structural plans and calculations stamped by a professional engineer registered in the state of building placement.
  • State review and acceptance of the manufacturer’s Quality Assurance Program.
  • Factory inspection of the building by a state-approved, third-party inspection agency.
  • A state approved label on the building, after satisfactorily completing the state requirements.

Trachte is licensed in all states that have a modular approval program, currently 33. For states without programs, Trachte can provide, when specified, structural engineering, electrical engineering, and envelope compliance (ComCheck) to be used for local permitting.

Trachte’s Third Party Inspection Agency: PFS/TECO, 1507 Matt Pass, Suite 2, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin 53527 is the approved third-party inspector for all states that require their use.

Click here to view the video about our quality program.


Airport equipment
and nav-aids shelter
Cellular/ microwave site
Critical UPS and
instrumentation facility
Electrical control house
Emergency and
proprietary radio shelter
Equipment penthouse
Fiber optic hub shelter
Gas and oil application
Generator enclosure
Ground water remediation
Instrument shelter
Maintenance and
Mechanical room
(core module)
Medical equipment rooms
Metering and
instrumentation facility
Oil and gas applications
Power distribution
and drop-in module
Pump enclosure
Remote monitoring station
Skid mounted portable labs
Substation control room
Switchgear and
motor control shelter
Transportable repair
and maintenance shelter
Wind farm applications
WWTP (FRP option)

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